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When you decide to let everyone know you’re selling your house, your home and its surroundings need to look impeccable. Those investments don’t have to be huge, but their impact on the quality and appearance of the place can be significant. We’ve prepared several easy pieces that will help you increase the value of your home.

Rebuild the Pathways

One of the worst first impressions are chipped pathways. Those walking tracks are supposed to give an additional touch of functionality and aesthetics to your front yard. Having neglected pathways with scruffy edges and clumps of earth and grass growing from them will leave a negative impression on your potential buyers. What you need to do is repair the edges, to get visually appealing pathways and remove the grass bits.

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Repairs on the Front

Try to observe the front of your house from the street for a couple of minutes. What seems lousily maintained? Can you see the windows and doors? Are the tree branches overshadowing the house? Your house needs to shine in front of the buyer. It should never look like an abandoned or depressing place.

So, clean the front and cut all the branches and shrubbery that hide the beautiful windows or the attractive porch of your house.

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Door Symbolism

Your potential buyers will not notice many details you know about your home. Of course, it doesn’t mean that you can lay back and leave the house in a mess, on the contrary. Probably the most symbolic part of every home is the front door. It would be clever to paint the front door before your first clients come to see the house. The freshness that will come from the new paint will have a positive effect on the buyer and you will have a better chance of selling it for a larger sum of money. Adding a new doormat or bell will contribute to the overall effect, too.


Lawn Maintenance

The lawn is usually the largest area to cover, looking at all potential curb appeal actions. It requires a large share of care throughout the year. If you fail to mow it and nurture the grass in accordance with different weather conditions, that area will be barren. However, when you make a decision to launch the home-selling campaign, you can still plant new grass and maintain it to create an emerald lawn that will blow the buyers’ mind. Also, don’t forget that mulch is a perfect preservative for grass seeds.


Front Porch Treatment

The porch can be the coolest place in the entire house. Unfortunately, many homeowners don’t pay much attention to this wonderful area. The drive to sell the home should make you equip the porch with new furniture. It doesn’t have to be brand new. Used, well-preserved items will do. In addition, think about original porch lighting. You can install energy-efficient lights to your porch, to give it a fresh touch and at the same time save money and energy.

Moreover, porch beams and other wood pieces should be varnished or painted, to make the whole picture even brighter and more appealing.


Advertise Selling

Even if you only visualise the steps we have described here, you will get a much nicer image of your home. And just wait to see the results.

Many people, however, cannot say goodbye to their home, especially when they have redecorated it. That is why you should consult professionals like the Think Conveyancing team who can help you with the process, so you can focus on working and decorating your new home.

As you can see, frugal investments in details around your home will not cost you a lot of money, but they might help you negotiate a higher price.

By John Stone

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